8/25 Update Announcement


Dear players,

We will have an update on 8/25, but our server will still be up.

The updates include:

1. We’ve noticed that the heroes you can get by the Road to Glory that can also be
purchased through Vouchers might confuse players. Therefore, we plan to change it.
The 14 heroes will be obtainable in Road to Glory and you can’t purchase those heroes
with Vouchers anymore. That means they will only be obtained through the Road to

2. Maloch will be available in Lucky Draw on 8/25.

3. The 14-day check in event will last for 30 days now, starting on the first day the player
first created his or her account.

4. We’ve made some improvements on hero guides to help new players more easily
understand how to play the game.

5. Modified in-game translation issues and fixed some bugs to further improve the
gameplay experience of all European players.

Arena of Valor Team