11/17 Update Announcement


Brave Challengers,
In order to make a better gaming experience for everyone, we will carry out an
update on 11/17/2017. The update includes the following:

1. Added Ranked Match Rank Rewards

In order to allow more challengers to experience the joy of Ranked Matches and get their corresponding rewards, we have added rewards to every subrank. Whenever a player reaches a new high rank, they can collect the rewards for that rank. These rewards include popular skins, limited skins for Butterfly and Nakroth, Magic Crystals, Evolution Crystals and other hot items. Come collect your rank rewards!

2. Increased Max Gold earned from Battle

We’ve come to realize that many challengers reach a certain number of battles each day and then can’t earn any more Gold from subsequent battles. To fix this, we’ve increased the max Gold earned from battle to 750. We hope that challengers can now collect even more Gold from daily battles.

3. Increased price for Arcana Recycling

In order to allow challengers to get more from their excess Arcana, to try more Arcana combinations and to find the scheme that suits them best, we have increased the recycle price for Level 1 Arcana to 5 Gold, Level 2 to 80 Gold and Level 3 to 600 Gold.

4. Increased Credibility Threshold for Standard and Ranked Matches

We have become aware of that it is very important for challengers to maintain a game environment with no AFK. Therefore we are continuing to optimize this. Challengers with a Credibility Score of less than 90 can’t participate in Ranked Matches and those with a score of less than 70 can’t participate in Standard mode. We hope that challengers will continue to maintain good gaming behaviors in the game to create a pleasant gaming environment for everyone. Still, challengers who have a lower Credibility Score and can’t participate in Standard mode shouldn’t feel too discouraged. They can still employ good gaming behavior in bot matches to quickly recover their Credibility.

Arena of Valor Team