New Hero – Tel’Annas


Arena of Valor TelAnnasA new hero joins the Arena of Valor.

Tel’Anna as Marksman Harass hero will make the battlefield more dangerous. We will see the next weeks, whether she can influence the current Meta.
Whether Tel’Anna’s passive ability The Morning Star will be necessary, will be shown. However, you should take care of her Ultimate Arrow of Chaos. The farther you are away from Tel’Anna, the more damage you will take.So stay close to her and don’t stand still.


Arrow of Chaos (Ultimate)


Cooldown: 45 sec
Mana Cost: 130

After charging for a short period, Tel’Annas combines the power of Darkness and Morning Star and fires Arrow of Chaos, dealing 300 (+157) physical damage. Enemies further away take more damage, up to 600 (+219) physical damage. Enemies along the arrow’s path are knocked back and stunned. She gains 20% movement speed for 2 seconds.

The Morning Star (passive)


Tel’Annas attack damage is increased by 10% when there are ally heroes nearby.

You can find more details on Tel’Anna’s hero page.