New Hero – Moren


AoV MorenA new hero joins the Arena of Valor.

Moren as Marksman hero will make the battlefield more dangerous. We will see the next weeks, whether he can influence the current Meta.
Whether Moren’s passive ability Precision will be necessary, will be shown. However, you should take care of his Ultimate Magnetic Storm, because it damage up to 6 times to enemies.

You can find more details on Moren’s hero page.

Precision (passive)


Every successful attack and ability places a Mark of Precision on Moren. At 5 stacks, the cooldown for Tactical Maneuver is refreshed immediately and Moren gains 12-26% (1% increase per level) Life Steal.

Magnetic Storm (Ultimate)


Cooldown: 35 sec
Mana Cost: 120

Moren launches a magnetic grenade towards the target area. The explosion triggers a magnetic storm over 2.5 seconds, dealing 180 (+50) physical damage 6 times to enemies in the area and reducing their movement speed by 50%. Enemies knocked into the storm by Impact Barrage are also stunned for 1.5 seconds.

Lauriel + Black Wing Skin Bundle


Moren Skin

Zill Skin

In the first week you can get Moren & Wrecking Skin Bundle 25% cheaper. With the deduction of the hero costs, you only pay 80 arena of valor voucher for the Black Wing Skin. From next week you have to pay 499 arena of valor voucher vouchers for this.

You can find more details on Moren’s hero page.

Wrecking Skin

Ripper Skin