New Hero – Lauriel


AoV-LaurielA new hero joins the Arena of Valor.

Lauriel as Mage Assassin hero will make the battlefield more dangerous. We will see the next weeks, whether she can influence the current Meta.
Whether Lauriel’s passive ability Divine Punishment will be necessary, will be shown. However, you should take care of his Ultimate Smite, because the circle triggers twice.

You can find more details on Lauriel’s hero page.

Divine Punishment (passive)


Enemies hit by Lauriel’s abilities become marked. Every 4 marks trigger an explosion that deals 160 (+0) true damage to nearby enemies and slows their movement speed by 90% for 1 second. Lauriel also recovers 110 HP after the explosion.

Smite (Ultimate)


Cooldown: 40 sec
Mana Cost: 80

Lauriel summons a Judgment Circle, dealing 210 (+0) magic damage both when the circle appears and fades. Also reduces the cooldown of her other abilities when she is in the circle.

Lauriel + Black Wing Skin Bundle


Lauriel Skin

Zill Skin

In the first week you can get Lauriel & Black Wing Skin Bundle 25% cheaper. With the deduction of the hero costs, you only pay 150 arena of valor voucher for the Black Wing Skin. From next week you have to pay 599 arena of valor voucher vouchers for this.

You can find more details on Lauriel’s hero page.

Black Wing Skin

Ripper Skin