Highest Win Rate Assassin



Zuka holds the highest win rate among Assassins in Arena of Valor! What do you think of his abilities? Why is he so strong at the moment? Have you already played him or planned to play Zuka?

aov-Zuka-highest-win-rate-assassinZuka gains a shield from successful hits with “Panda Chariot“, so make sure you hit an enemy or a monster when you use this ability. Zuka’s positioning abilities take him through most obstacles and can produce unexpected effects on certain terrains. Maybe this is the reason for his success in Teamfights? Or it comes from his passive ability “The Chi“? This skill increasing his attack damage up to 20% for the next 8 seconds, if you dealing damage to an enemy hero. Zuka’s Ultimate ability “Skyfall” are also very useful in teamfights, if you cancel the CC or Ultimate abilities of the enemies.

More details about his abilities or stats, can you find on Zuka Hero Page. If you look for other Assassin Heroes, take a look in our Hero Finder.