The War Hammer

Class: Tank/Warrior
Role: Mobility/Healer

Attack Range: Melee

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  • Constitution
  • Attack Damage
  • Ability Damage
  • Difficulty

Taara Skills

Colossal Smash 

Taara Colossal-Smash

Cooldown: 12 sec
Mana Cost: 0

Taara leaps into the air and smashes the ground with her hammer, dealing 120 +86 physical damageto enemies within range and slowing their movement speed by 60% for 2 seconds.


Taara Whirlwind

Cooldown: 5 sec
Mana Cost: 0

Taara swings her hammer in circles, dealing 125 +129 physical damage twice to each enemy within range.

Steeled Focus (Ultimate)

Taara Steeled-Focus

Cooldown: 40 sec
Mana Cost: 0

Taara unleashes her potential, regenerating 8% of HP every second for 5 seconds and increasing her movement speed by 30%.

Fighting Spirit (passive)

Taara Fighting-Spirit

Gains 2-5 Attack Damage for every 1% of HP lost. Scales with level.

Hero Tip

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When Taara’s HP is low, her attack damage increases dramatically. Avoid using Steeled Focus when she has full HP as it does not take full advantage of the HP regeneration effects. Taara can leap over walls and other obstacles with Colossal Smash, so you can use this to surprise enemies.

Taara Attributes

Max HP

Max Armor

Magic Defense

Attack Damage

Ability Power

Max Mana

HP / 5 sec

Mana / 5 sec

Movement Speed

Taara Story

“The heavier it is, the more damage it causes.”

Taara’s roots lay deep within the Steel Mountains, where she obtained all of her knowledge and passion for weaponry. She prided herself on her profound understanding of them. Amongst all her crafted weapons, her earth-shatteringly strong hammer reign supreme. Primarily chosen because it was the ideal choice for the weapon forger, it became a lethal extension of herself on the battlefield and consequently unified them.

The lack of resources in the Steel Mountains set poor precedents for living conditions of the mountain-dwellers. Selling forged weapons to the city below was the mountain-dwellers main source of income. The scarcity of the mountains made the people vulnerable to exploitation, breeding discontent, and oppression.

“Why are well allowing ourselves to be subjects of exploitation and oppression?” Through Taara’s empowering words, the dwellers collectively set out to reclaim their freedom and livelihood through, if need be, violent compromise. With her massive hammer slung over her shoulder, Taara led them in formation to drive the garrison army out of the city so that she could claim the throne and prevail gracefully and justly.

“Neither god nor demon can stop the will of steel!”