The Trustworthy

Class: Marksman
Role: Mobility/Initiator

Attack Range: Long Range

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  • Constitution
  • Attack Damage
  • Ability Damage
  • Difficulty

Slimz Skills

Flying Spear 

Slimz Flying-Spear

Cooldown: 10 sec
Mana Cost: 65

Slimz throws a flying spear, dealing 150 +86 +0magic damage and stunning the target for up to 2.5 seconds ( the further the spear flies, the longer the stun). Upon hitting the enemy Slimz attack speed is increased by 25% for 5 seconds and the bonus is doubled if the spear hits an enemy hero.

Leap of Vitality 

Slimz Leap-of-Vitality

Cooldown: 8 sec
Mana Cost: 75

Slimz leaps to a specified location and increases his attack damage by 50 for 5 seconds after he lands.

Savage Potion (Ultimate)

Slimz Savage-Potion

Cooldown: 44 sec
Mana Cost: 100

Slimz activates his primal instincts and enhanced his normal attacks to deal additional damage equal to 4% of the target’s maximum HP (up to 150 damage for monsters) HIs movement speed is also increased by 20% for 8 seconds. Each kill or assist extends the effect by 3 seconds.

Piercing (passive)

Slimz Piercing

Every 3rd normal attack from Slimz gains a pierce effect where both the tatrget and enemies behind it take 130% of the normal physical damage.

Hero Tip

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Keep moving around the map with Slimz early in matches. Try to launch surprise attacks on enemy heroes by stunning them with Flying Spear. Later in matches, use Savage Potion before attacking enemies or entering team fights to inflict more damage on your targets.

Slimz Attributes

Max HP

Max Armor

Magic Defense

Attack Damage

Ability Power

Max Mana

HP / 5 sec

Mana / 5 sec

Movement Speed

Slimz Story

Slimz operated in the lands between the Castle of Inception and the Forest of Shadows. Like many traders, he had always believed in the business principle of “fairness”. Once conditions for a trade were met, Slimz demonstrated this “Fairness” by milking his business associates dry.

Under the guide of being a successful merchant, Slimz ended up taking complete contrl of all transactions conducted in the border lands and became the ruler of this gray realm. After war broke out, he recognized a business opportunity and persuaded the arms specialist Moen to build a Castle of Alchemy in the border lands. This castle would serve as continuous supply of weapons and equipment to warring men, beasts, or anything else that could pay the price. After all, Slimz was a trader and neutral in the matter.

Business boomed for Slimz and he accumulated an astounding fortune, yet the scope of the war grew larger and larger. To protect his wealth and the flow of his business, he had the foresight to build a private army that comprised of wild beasts, men and alchemy puppets. Unfortunately for Slimz, it was Preyta, the supreme commander of the Fallen, who was the first to go after his wealth. He fought tooth and nail and even enlisted the support of Omega, the Awoken Mech for support, but he was unable to save the Castle of Alchemy from its ultimate fate. His wealth, which took him many years to accumulate, was lost in a single night.

Hungry to regain his wealth and status, Slimz returned to the Forest of Shadows and entered a new agreement with Tel’Annas, the Queen of Spirits: The agreement stated that the queen would mobilze forces to retake the Castle of Alchemy, while he remained in the Forest of Shadows and protected it in her absence.

“The debt you owe me will be repaid one day!”