The Frenzy

Class: Warrior/Tank
Role: Control/Mobility

Attack Range: Melee

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  • Constitution
  • Attack Damage
  • Ability Damage
  • Difficulty

Ormarr Skills


Ormarr Unstoppable

Cooldown: 10 sec
Mana Cost: 65

Ormarr dashes forward and enhanced his next normal attack to deal 150 +196 physical damage and knock the target into the air.


Ormarr Swagger

Cooldown: 4 sec
Mana Cost: 55

Ormarr bashes the ground with his hammer, dealing 215 +179 physical damage to enemies within range and reducing their movement speed by 50% for 1 second. Each cast that hits 1 or more targets grants Ormarr a stack of fighting Spirit. After reaching 3 stacks, the next cast will trigger Gut Punch.

Walking Tall (Ultimate)

Ormarr Walking-Tall

Cooldown: 28 sec
Mana Cost: 140

Ormarr swings his hammer in a circle, dealing 100 +85 physical damage to enemies within range on each hit.

Gut Punch (passive)

Ormarr Gut-Punch

Each time Ormarr deals damage, he has a chance to stun the target and deal physical damage equal to 9-15% (scales with hero level) of the target’s current HP. (4-second internal cooldown.)

Hero Tip

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Ormarr’s passive triggers randomly, but it is extremely powerful when it triggers. Swagger triggers the same stun effect and damage bonus as Ormarr’s passive every 4th time it deals damage, so take advantage when you know these effects will trigger on the next use.

Ormarr Attributes

Max HP

Max Armor

Magic Defense

Attack Damage

Ability Power

Max Mana

HP / 5 sec

Mana / 5 sec

Movement Speed

Ormarr Story

“Knock me down and watch me rise again!”

Born of the Bloody Axe clan, Ormarr had explosive powers and endurance. Ormarr had wielded his massive hammer and sword in countless clan battles, and was always the first to attack and the last to withdraw, His adept fighting abilities and thirst for battle had earned him the nickname “The Frenzy”, as well as the respect of all of his enemies and his people.

It had always been Ormarr’s dream to become the leader of his clan, but in his pursuit for power, he made many foolish decisions. He once tried to raid the supplies of an ally, and this lead to his clan being banished to the ice fields of the north. Strangely enough, this did nothing to harm Ormarr’s reputation. On the contrary, his people stood firmly behind him as he fought for glory.

Ormarr had never disappointed his clan. When the Demon Army engulfed the continent, Ormarr volunteered to lead the campaign to defend his clan’s fortress. Outsiders were so impressed by his bravery that they flocked to the fortress, bringing in emergency supplies, reinforcements, and support. From then on, no one dared to describe Ormarr and his clan as “barbarians” again.

“The battlefield is the only place for a warrior to die!”