The Aspect of Vengeance

Class: Mage
Role: Harass

Attack Range: Long Range

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  • Constitution
  • Attack Damage
  • Ability Damage
  • Difficulty

Kahlii Skills

Eternal Blame 

Kahlii Eternal-Blame

Cooldown: 12 sec
Mana Cost: 100

Kahlii desecreated the target area, dealing 160 +0magic damage every 0.5 seconds to all enemies in the target area and slowing their movement speed by 15% for 2 seconds. The slow effect stack sup to 5 times.


Kahlii Incorporeal

Cooldown: 12 sec
Mana Cost: 40

Kahlii absorbs the power of the wraith and gains an absorption shield. She also gains 20% ability power and 10% movement speed for 60 seconds.

Grievance (Ultimate)

Kahlii Grievance

Cooldown: 36 sec
Mana Cost: 150

Kahlii unleashes her frenzied vengeance on enemies. She summons 55 waves of wraiths over 5 seconds that continously attack enemies in the target direction, each wave dealing 110 +0magic damage. Deals 10% more damage against monsters.

Damnation (passive)

Kahlii Damnation

Normal attacks have a pierce effect that 157 magic damage.

Hero Tip

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Kahlii can move while casting Grievance. This allows her to help teammates retreat easily. Activating her Incorporeal shield before casting Grievance increases her damage output significantly.

Kahlii Attributes

Max HP

Max Armor

Magic Defense

Attack Damage

Ability Power

Max Mana

HP / 5 sec

Mana / 5 sec

Movement Speed

Kahlii Story

“I will get you back for what you have done to me, ten-fold!”

Kahlii roamed the world with vengeance towards the gods. Slowly, her devout believers fell by her knife. Shegluttonously devoured their beautiful memories and replaced them with endless fear and horror before their deaths. This was the only thing that could satiate Kahlii’s deep hunger for vengeance.

The souls of Kahlii’s victims were then forced to become her loyal servants. For centuries, sometimes when Kahlii was bored, she would send one of these servants to fetch a living relative or lover and recruit them into her servitude. Kahlii’s preys are not limited to defenseless mortals: angry gods and honorable warriors have also succumbed to her.

“Embrace the hatred in your heart; it will give you unrivaled power!”